Saturday, April 26, 2008

Upcoming 3.8.2 features

3.8.2 will be out this week.

In this version:
  • SharePod is now 1 file - SharePod.exe. No more .dll files to copy round.
  • Full Podcast support
  • Track artist alphabetization (The Beatles will appear under 'B', not 'T')
  • Playlists ordered by name
  • Drag n drop from explorer straight into a playlist
  • M4b file support

And for those of you having problems at work/school where you don't have admin rights:
  • You'll only need to need to run SharePod with admin rights once (SharePod will save the admin info it needs).
  • Every time after that you'll be able to run it with limited permissions.


glauber said...

I'm running it under Vista, and version 3.9 is making me enter the administrator password every time i run it.

orochka said...

I have the same issue. Is there is any way to disable it under vista?