Monday, May 12, 2008

Upcoming features

This week I am working on version 3.8.3.

New bits for this release:
  • Read embedded artwork from files on import
  • Re-enable Eject button
  • 1-click 'Backup iPod' button
  • Copy to PC screen easier to use.
  • Better iPod Shuffle support. (I've just bought a Shuffle to do testing with!)


Marzio said...

Very good the latest version but still i have problem with 120 DPI resolution. I saw in the forum that i am not the only one (thanks God)
Thank you aniway

J said...

oi, thanks for the new update :) can't wait for the next one :)

Vr said...

i would like to propose if you can do, when i edit the track add the lyrics of the song, miss that i think, because i-tunes do it, but its just a propose...the software it really good, it rocks !!