Thursday, June 5, 2008

3.8.4 in beta :)

So after a lot of work and a few late nights, version 3.8.4 is available for download. It supports the iPhone and iPod Touch models.

A couple of things to note on the new models:
  • Currently, you must have iTunes (or maybe just 'Apple Mobile Device Support') installed. Hopefully this will change very soon.
  • Currently, there is no artwork support - I haven't had enough time to test this to unleash it on everyone yet.
Let me know how it works for you in the forums!


Andrew Davidson said...

Excellent! I've been waiting for this - thanks so much.

Chris said...

worked ok for a few songs and then lots of errors:

346 files copied, 984 not copied.
AFCFileRefOpen failed with error 12.

Chris said...

After previous test (on iTouch), when I restarted SharePod, it could not find the iPod. I disconnected and reconnected the iPod, ran another test (backup iPod) keeping existing files. 966 copied, 364 failed. 3rd test but deleting all copied files from PC and turning off Kerspersky security suite, the copy worked without problems.
It seems that Kerspersky looks at processes and files which affects the timing with the comms link to the iTouch. Something to be aware of. I will see if anything can be done in Kersperky to stop this.

Carlos said...

with a 3g ipod nano it works nicely, still artwork is not shown in the ipod. thanks for such an easy and useful program.

tkob said...

Hey Jeff,
Just unpacked 3.8.4 and tried it with my iPhone. It can't find it. I tried a few times, with iTunes open/closed, phone attached to iTunes, and ejected from iTunes.

Andrew Davidson said...

Just to say that it worked great with my iPod touch. Managed to grab several albums off it with no problems.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, first let me Thank you for all your work, sincerly is great, I tryed the new 3.8.4 and Sharepod doesn't find it (anyone),some data for you: I test in an iPhone 8Gb and 16GB (both)with 1.1.4 iPhone system,i have the iTunes, tested with and without iTunes attach with the iPhone.

I think that maybe the iPod Touch is different to iPhone,or maybe i don't do something more, what do you think?

Good news,the test with new iPod nano 4gb works fine

Best greetings from Mexico City ... Jorge

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