Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New version of SharePodLib available

For programmers wanting to access their iPhone / iPod Touch music, check out SharePodLib. It is a .NET library for interacting with an iPod, and as of version 3.8.4, it now supports iPhone and iPod Touch :)

Check it out


bcook1030 said...

I have an iPod Touch, and I receive the following message ...

"Your iPod (IPhone_ITouch2, database version 36) is currently not fully supported. All iPod update features are disabled, but you can still copy files to your computer."

I'm using SharePod 3.8.7 with my iPod Touch Model A1288, (running iPhone OS 2.1.1).

Please let me know if I can provide any further information, or possibly help with debugging.

Bryan Cook
[email protected]

bryan_cook said...

Oops, guess I should pay more attention ... just noticed this was for SharePodLib and not SharePod itself. Sorry!