Thursday, November 27, 2008

iPhone 3G encryption update

Wow, its been a long time since my last post.

A lot of people have been asking me when the iPhone 3G / iTouch 2.x will be fully supported. My reply has always been 'when someone much smarter than me has reverse engineered it'.

Over the last couple of months, I've seen little bits of information come out about how the encryption works, and in the last couple of weeks it sounds like its quite close to being solved. Which is great news and kudos those geniuses!

The bad news - Apple is trying a lot harder than last time to make sure the encryption doesn't get broken. Apparently, its based on their FairPlay DRM, so any attempt to get around the encryption counts as attacking FairPlay.

To Apple - We love your products - and we bought them - now leave us alone! :)


Josh said...

Anxiously awaiting write support for iPhone/iTouch 2.0. Thanks for the update!

-Josh @ miShare

Gyga Man said...

Hopefully this can be sorted out soon. My question is now if everything goes well would you be able to implemented?

Ows said...

Hey Jeff,
Great blog!

Haven't yet downloaded Sharepod, but plan to do so this evening. One question though:
I recently had my external hard drive containing all my music, videos and photographs wiped (a dangerous combination of girlfriend plus height plus hard floor was to blame!).
My music is backed up on my 6th Gen iPod classic. However, my laptop hdd is a mere 40GB.
I am now the proud owner of a 500GB networked hard drive, so the question is, how do I go about porting my Music from my iPod to iTunes without completely filling up the laptop hdd (i.e. copy the tracks directly to the external hdd)?

Any advice greatly appreciated!!

technorantia said...

Ows, try going (in iTunes) to Edit -> Preferences, go to the Advanced tab, and change the iTunes music folder location.

must admit I have not tried this though... easier to use Sharepod (or Touchcopy if you have a v2 Touch) and drag to a location of your choosing, neither is fussy about network drives.

if iTunes won't let you map to a network drive (if it's a LAN based external drive) map the drive to a letter in Windows with the command "net use [drive letter]: //share_name" and it will appear in Windows like any other drive.

Ows said...

Thanks for that, technorantia.
I have, as it happens, experimented, and managed to get it to work.
As for networking, the Freecom (HDD manifacturer) software was gloriously straightforward... iTunes now streams beautifully over my new wifi network!

jd said...

I tried looking in the forums to see if there was any discussion of support for Mac. What I found was the the forum is full of spam posts. It's all but useless. Any chance you can clean it up and moderate it?

Oh yeah, and is there any plan for a Mac version?

Jeff said...


yes the forums are next to useless. I've upgraded the forum software to the latest version which should stop any new spam, and im going to have a big clear out in january when I have some free time.

The iPhone/Touch 2.0 support will be implemented in january too :)

Jeff said...

No, there are no plans for Mac support.
I have actually just bought a Macbook, but im a windows developer, and although I would like to make some Mac apps, time is always the limiting factor!

technorantia said...

Jeff, great news about the Touch v2.0 support - eagerly awaited.

my offer to assist with tidying the forums still stands, I'm happy to make the time available in order to ensure a potentially valuable resource can assist people. spammers are a constant irritation.