Friday, February 6, 2009

SharePod 3.8.8 out on monday

Just a quick post to say SharePod 3.8.8 will be out on monday. :) All the coding is done, but I've run out of time to do the release.

New bits:
  • Firmware 2.x / iPhone 3G support
  • Automatically add tracks to iTunes
  • Better file copy progress window
  • Media player works with iTouch and iPhones
This weekend I'll be here - - so monday is definitely the earliest I will be able to work on it again!


insincere boy said...

Great news! Really looking forward to the iPhone support, i've been waiting for a longtime for Sharepod to support this. Thank you for taking the time...will be glad to donate.

Kaushik said...

YES YES yeeesssss!!!! Thank you sir, but next time you must mention specifically Monday, what time and timezone ;) ? I'm refreshing the page every 5 minutes

Jeffrey said...

Hehe, monday UK time. Im basically doing some last minute testing right now :)