Monday, February 9, 2009

Version 3.8.8 is available

Version 3.8.8 is out! Head over to the downloads page to get it now!


insincere boy said...

Thanks for releasing this! when I run it for my iphone 3g on my office machine, it shows the error "no ipod detected".

It has been synced with itunes before at home but I cannot install itunes at my office machine. Does sharepod need itunes to be installed on a machine before using it ?


Anonymous said...

When I run this on my home machine i have itunes and sharepod 3.8.8 installed. I eject it from itunes before i run sharepod but when i run it for my 2g ipod touch it states "No ipod detected" then it closes.


flamemaster said...

Thank you so much for this update you rock..

hope in the next version we wont need to install itunes (Iphone/Ipod Touch users only):)

great work!! heads up for you, and btw the forums is a mess lots of useless messages

Kaushik said...

All Hail Jeff!
Awesome stuff, works like a charm!

Jai said...

Simply Brilliant!

Made up my beloved SharePod is now iTouch v2 friendly :D

Hate having to use iTunes...

Just a little note though, the warning window about iTunes being open shows up with a transparent background where usually it would be white... Other then that though, brilliant.

Keep up the good work


Jeffrey said...

Insincere - yes, unfortunately you need iTunes installed (but doesnt need to be running or anything)

Burnes, you could try just closing iTunes, rather than ejecting the iPod

Flamemaster, the forums have been all cleared out :)

Jai, yeah I've noticed that. Not sure why, but I'll figure it out!