Thursday, September 10, 2009

iTunes 9, Fw 3.1.1

Thanks for the has72.exe bug reports. I managed to reproduce the problem, and spent 7 hours last night up to my neck in c++ for the first time in a while! I've fixed the problem, and moved as much of the future potential-problem code (file read/write/locking) into managed code. Its now faster and much more reliable :)

As I was finishing up (and feeling pretty good about the hash72 stuff), I updated to firmware 3.1.1. For the most part, SharePod still works, but the Sqlite databases on the iPod have changed sufficiently that its going to take several more hours of work before I can release the next (and hopefully final) Preview version.

Talk about bad timing, and really soul-destoying at 3am!


kristof said...

Thanks for all the hard work and the hours invested in making this jewel.

Using sharepod on all ipods in house and my iphone (waiting for new beta release that sorts the hash72.exe error).

Best program I've seen to manage music on all those different equipment.

Anonymous said...

Awesome work, it is very appreciated!

Joesilicon said...

Jeff - that's brutal! I was reading somewhere on reddit I think how it is so thankless to be a programmer (because the technology changes so fast - what you work so hard for today in a few years might not be relevant.) I think Apple has a way of making this happen faster than usual with their constant updates to iTunes etc.

1) I am really hoping for an equally as awesome apple alternative in smart-phones someday soon. Watching the palm and android phones carefully.

2) I can't thank you enough for all the hard work. I have donated, but am limited in what I can contribute. Maybe b/c my cell phone bill is too high :) My main Sharepod use is playing songs via USB cable at work (so I can charge my phone, listen to my music, and control the songs/volume from the same interface I am already looking at day.) Plus, I do like having the opportunity to add music to my phone from any computer.

Anyway, just wanted to share, and thank you for fighting the good fight. The iphone 3.1 update really bogged down my phone (I think it must be the search indexing?). And being without sharepod was difficult. BUT, I am curious if the 3.1.1 update helps with the 3.1 compromised iphone performance.

Jamie said...

I got something wrong when I using the sharepod.
The programme always pop up a error note


The iPod database 'ArtworkDB' could not be read. Please run iTunes with your iPod connected, then re-open SharePod.
(Error at 0x3E4)

- mhni expected, but mhaf found


I do what it wants me to do, I mean "run iTunes with your iPod connected, then re-open SharePod.". But I still can't use the programme, want should I do?


jdonohue33 said...

I thought I had a problem with this release on my newly-iTunes-upgraded-to-3.1 iPhone 3G. I was unable to view tracks copied to it via synced fine but the iPod app showed no tracks. Turns out you still have to copy at least one song via iTunes _first_ the SharePod works as expected. Nice work, Jeff!

campdave said...

Jamie - I'm having same problems, due to Itunes 9 update by Apple.

Hopefully next version will resolve the issue.

Anonymous said...

downloaded itunes 9 now sharepod wont work anymore????

Anthony said...

Sharepod can't work in my pc...
It is iTunes 9 problem perhaps.
And I can't upgrade the ipod touch software because I can't find any jailbreak of the newest software.
When will have the next version of sharepod????

Gerry said...

Hang in there. We sharepod fans are all with you. Thanks again for all the effort on this.

Colin said...

My hard drive crashed a few weeks ago, and it was depressing. I did not have a backup of all my music and photos. My friend told me that I could find a way to use my iPhone as a backup. After tempting whether or not to purchase a program that could do it, I was delighted to see that sharepod is free!

However, I'm scared. I don't want to loose what I have in my iPhone. I have:

iTunes 9
the oldest iphone

sharepod isn't recognizing my iphone and when I use itunes to try and make my iPhone a backup, all I see is "Encrypt iPhone backup" and I wonder what will happen if it syncs! what will it sync with? there's nothing on my new, blank hard drive!

can someone here help me by walking me through this or at least renew my faith that I can save all my music?

[email protected]
or find me on facebook Colin Myers on the UCF network

Travis said...

Hi Jeff,

I am having a problem since I updated my iPhone to 3.1 and iTunes to 9.0 For some reason, my computer won't show my iPhone in the My Computer area, and when I try to use SharePod, it says that there is no iPod/iPhone detected. I have restarted my iPhone and I just restored my computer to factory settings because the only thing I cared about was my music, and since I had sharepod, I thought this wouldn't be a problem. But since I can't do this, I don't know what to do. Could you please help me? My email is [email protected]

I would greatly appreciate your help in any way possible. Thanks again for your time and great work.


John said...

Hey, this is a question in regards to SharePod and transferring of files from CD to Ipod. I want to know if anyone has successfully created a autorun.inf that works with SharePod which can automatically transfer all playlists and music files to the attached Ipod. It's not important whether or not SharePod can convert mp3 to aac or anyother format to aac because I can convert my files to aac if I have to ....I need to make a CD with music that would be easy for my girlfriend to place that music onto her Ipod. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If the program has to be installed on the system than I guess I'd have to try something else.

~John [email protected]


Good things come to those who wait.

Take as much time needed to iron out all the kinks. It will be well worth it.

Kudos on such a spectacular program!


Sharepod is only 3rd part tool for my iPod/iPhone I have been using since it's released...
Thanks for the hard working on updates!

his ipod her zone said...

Here I find an excellent iPhone transfer which could easily copy Video/music from iPhone to Computer on iPhone OS 3.1

server said...

Thanks for all the hard work!

Fer said...

I'm having the same problem that Jamie !
error 0x3e4 is showed.
could this be cause because of the new iTunes 9 ?

Michiel said...

the'' mhni expected, but mhaf found'' issue can be solved if you remove the ''artworkDB'' file from your ipod.

-show hidden folders
-ipod control/artwork/artworkDB

Talk Crisis said...


thank you!!!

D said...

Thanks for this alternative its a lot better than itunes that's for sure

Rob said...

YES MICHAEL YOU DO ROCK. I love when I have to fuck around with something for an hour and then get such a simple answer to the problem.

Michiel said...

the'' mhni expected, but mhaf found'' issue can be solved if you remove the ''artworkDB'' file from your ipod.

-show hidden folders
-ipod control/artwork/artworkDB

Anonymous said...

What program do you open sharepod through?

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