Monday, September 14, 2009

Preview 5

Preview 5 is available now!


- iTunes 9 and firmware 3.1.1 support (this fixes devices not being detected and ArtworkDB errors)
- Video support
- Hash72 fixes


^antoniWan said...

Thank you sir. It's working like a charm!

Matchstick said...

Working for me too !
Excellent job :)

I have noticed there's a slight difference between the ordering of tracks added through Sharepod and tracks added through iTunes.

If you add a track through iTunes the any leading "the" in a field is ignored when ordering bt that field but if you add the track through Sharepod the "the" is used when ordering.

Hardly a big problem but does mean things can appear in a slightly unexpected place :)

kay-hup said...

I still get the message that my ipod isn't connected ..

campdave said...

Thanks - looking forward to trying this later.

I use sharepod to populate my backup drive of mp3s, so would be lost without it.

kristof said...

Works like a charm !!!

Awesome job !!

Using Windows 72 32bit build 7100
Iphone 3G with 3.0.1 firmware.

Not updating to 3.1 yet since might become impossible to unlock/jailbreak in future

Gerry said...

Preview 5 is still erratic here:
1) When clicking on "Eject ipod", get message "Ipod cannot be ejected, close Sharepod anyway?"
2) Some tracks copy to iphone, some don't
3) After using Preview 5, my "Album" view on iphone is messed up. Selecting Album view on iphone now shows listing of all songs alpha order and grouped by album. Selecting any song then shows normal listing of songs in album.
Using iphone3G

Brian said...

I just bought a new ipod yesterday, the new nano and it says I have to download itunes 9.0 for it to work, which I did. When I try to ryn Sharepod, i get the following message:

"E:\ipod_control\iTunes\iTunesDB file is empty.
Please run iTunes with your iPod connected, then re-open SharePod."


Holly said...

Using iTunes 8.2.1 and iPhone 3G 3.0.1, I can't see songs and playlists copied to the phone in the iPod app (the phone does say it is syncing). If I eject the phone and plug it back in, SharePod can pick up the changes that were made, but still no joy on the phone itself. Any suggestions? Also noticed that in the "Copy Finished" window, there is a "Specified cast not valid" message.

That aside, awesome application, and thanks for your work!

Jeff said...

Hi holly, could you send me an email please.

Kay-hup please send me your sharepod.log file

brian - i havent had a chance to play with the new nano yet. Could you send me a zip file with the contents of your E:\ipod_control\iTunes\ folder.

Gerry, thats a weird one. I've emailed you back.

Jeff said...

Matchstick, the ordering is fixed in Preview 6 (same url)

John said...

Works like a charm with one slight problem. None of the attached artwork (CD covers) is copied with the tracks.

Slight inconvenience as long as the audio works.

Excellant product.

dorksport said...

copying and adding work great for me (itunes 9 FW 3.0). The interface is great. The library being available gives me faith this app will stay active. thanks for the hard work.

Andrew said...

Can anyone get drag + drop working in windows 7 x64?

kay-hup said...

I have downloaded Preview 6 and it works =D

Love it!

Centre d'esplai Boix said...


I have an Ipod nano 5th (with videocam). and when i connect to sharepod the program show me this error

ipod_control\itunes\itunesDB file is empty --> What is the problem?

I have to wait a new version?

leunas said...

Nicely done!

Only problem I see is that if you delete videos from the iphone 2g, it still shows up on sharepod.

Other than that, beautiful!

Brian said...

Hi Jeff, I just e-mailed you the zip file you requested on the new Ipod Nano. Your fix works on the older versions that I have, but the new Ipod still doesnt work.

BlurryBlue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris said...

If you have a new nano 5th (with videocam). Please use iTunes to setup the device and then use sharepod. If Sharepod reports no iPod connected or unknown device then send Jeff your Sharepod.log file.

John said...

How do I get Preview 6? I tried downloading from the Preview 5 link, but the title and readme says it is preview 4 and I still get the ArtworkDB error. Size and date of Sharepod.exe is 5343KB & 04/09/2009 08:12.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your work on sharepod and itunes 9.

David said...


Chris said...

I have sent the db's from 5G Nano to Jeff and hope he can add support before the next release. This iPod Db's have changed from the 4G Nano and use the iPhone type of database.

Alina said...

I also tried Preview 6 with my ipod touch 2g with the actual software itunes 9.0 and the new firmware. The ipod is found as device and i can also copy videos and music to the ipod but i can't "see" the music or video on the ipod. The "copy finished"-box says that everything is ok and all tracks were copied.
Where is the mistake?

rainblood said...

It works with my iPod touch now. Thanks Jeff!!

BlurryBlue said...

I may be completely wrong, but I beleive the problem where you copy your music and videos to the iPod Touch successfully but can't view them on the device is because of improper ejecting... In my case, as well as many others, I get an error whenever I try to eject and sharepod crashes.

Tuur said...

Really hope SharePod will support the Nano 5G soon! Please fix it! Cheers! :)

Jamie said...

Thank you very much. Then new preview version fixs the ArtworkDB problem.
Thanks. Excellent job

Jeff said...

Blurry, what error do you see when you eject your iTouch? Could you send me your log file after a crash.


Jordy (Yin) said...

just tried out preview 7!
No problem to copy songs from my 3GS to office PC (Windows XP SP3)...
Working well!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. I also did get the ArtworkDB error bcus i synched my ipod to itunes 9. Now this fixes the problem.

richrag said...

Running with what I think is Preview 6 based on file name though download link says Preview 5. Loaded lots of music on iPod Touch 2G but with latest OS installed. Loaded fine, can see music OK but after playing each tune there is a brief (1 second or so) bit of the next tun and then it drops back to display to choose a tune. I did use Preview 4 I think and things did not work well so I may have mucked up data. Using iTunes 8 on second laptop to load music on with latest Sharepod if that matters (vs using iTunes 9).

Forovivienda said...

I still can't use sharepod. It stops and displays the next message:
Your iPod database could not be read. Reason:
The iPod database 'ArtworkDB' could not be read. Please run iTunes with your iPod connected, then re-open SharePod.
(Error at 0x3E4)
- mhni expected, but mhaf found

This is the sharepod log:

SharePodLib Version:
Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1
iPhone support enabled
iPod found, profile: IPod
Using ExtendedSysInfoXml file
iPod FirewireId: 000A270013854FCC
iPod Family: 11
Supported artwork format: 1055 128x128, format 4C353635
Supported artwork format: 1068 128x128, format 4C353635
Format ignored.
Supported artwork format: 1060 320x320, format 4C353635
Supported artwork format: 1061 55x55, format 4C353635
Unknown artwork format: 1067 640x480 79343230
Supported artwork format: 1024 320x240, format 4C353635
Supported artwork format: 1066 64x64, format 4C353635
iTunesDB: Compatible, version 41
Exception: SharePodLib.Exceptions.ParseException: mhni expected, but mhaf found
en SharePodLib.Parsers.BaseDatabaseElement.ValidateHeader(String validIdentifier)
en SharePodLib.Parsers.Artwork.IPodImageFormat.Read(IPod iPod, BinaryReader reader)
en ac.a(IPod A_0, BinaryReader A_1)
en SharePodLib.Parsers.Artwork.IPodImage.Read(IPod iPod, BinaryReader reader)
en r.a(IPod A_0, BinaryReader A_1)
en ai.a(IPod A_0, BinaryReader A_1)
en bm.a(IPod A_0, BinaryReader A_1)
en SharePodLib.Parsers.Artwork.DatabaseRoot.Read(IPod iPod, BinaryReader reader)
en b.a(BaseDatabaseElement A_0)

Jeff said...

Forovivienda, you are still using 3.9.3. Go to the download page and grab the latest version (Preview 7).

Jose said...

hi there, I live in mexico, recently apple open the itunes store here, I bought some songs and itunes place it in a playlist called "Comprado" but I can´t access this playlist with sharepod, some idea about how to access and transfer this to my PC

juan said...

Nice program. Thanks for free us from iTunes.
I still don´t know how to fix the artwork error.
I see the artwork when the song is playing and in all the lists views but not in the slide covers view.
iPod touch FW 1.1.4
iTunes 7
Sharepod 3.9.4 Preview 7

juan said...

It's me again.
I've found that songs synced with iTunes have a lot of sizes when you see properties in Sharepod:
But when synced with Sharepod there are only 55x55 and 320x320.
All my songs have the 300x300 artwork embedded in tag, then, it is necessary add the artwork with the Sherepod utility?

dmingo said...

Thanks a lot, Jeff. It's a very nice piece of work! You have saved my iphone because itunes 9 couldnt transfer/manage any video or clip on it...

Luke said...

Thank you so much for sharpod! my car got smashed up and laptop got stolen last night and I thought everything was lost until I found out about sharepod. Saved all my valuable music and videos downloaded from itunes. You flippin rule the school! Making a donation for sure =)

Luke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xavi said...

I started using my cousins old iPod, but hated iTunes. Your fantastic app saved me. Now I bought the 5th generation Nano, but have the exact same problems Brian and other reported, above.
I'm now checking your site everyday hoping for a new version.
Greetings from Portugal

evolujohn said...

another 5th gen nano user here with the problem of: ipod_control\iTunes\iTunesDB file is empty.

René said...

I have had the known issue on my Nano 5G:
H:\ipod_control\iTunes\iTunesDB file is empty.

What is the workaround?

My settings:

SharePodLib Version:
Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2
iPhone support enabled
Set PATH to C:\Users\René\AppData\Local\Temp\SharePodLib;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\;C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Shared Files;C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Shared Files\Filter
iPod found, profile: IPod
Using ExtendedSysInfoXml file
iPod FirewireId: 000A27001ED3FD45
iPod Family: 16
iPod found, profile: IPod
Using ExtendedSysInfoXml file
iPod FirewireId: 000A27001ED3FD45
iPod Family: 16



leftoverking said...

shoot, the new version is not working for me. i have used an older version for over a year, but i just fired up a newer computer, and the new sharepod brings up an application error when i try to run it... "the application failed to initialize properly (cxc000135)"

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