Sunday, September 27, 2009

Preview 8

Preview 8 is now out, and with it, all the issues that have been reported should now be solved!

Specifically Preview 8 fixes a difficult to reproduce but nasty problem where the sqlite database on the iPhone could be corrupted.


m.o. said...

Hi, i just used the new Version. But when i want to play a copied song on the ipod touch the crashes and i cant listen ..... is this a known bug?? or is this a feature??
thanks for your work.

L said...

Thanks man!
I had THAT nasty bug where my ipod touch couldn´t find any music (even thoug it was visible through itunes)... But I connected it to SHAREPOD and it solved it.
BTW: Im using itunes 9.0.1 and FW 3.1.1 on a non jailbroken 1st gen ipod touch

McOz said...

Very nice work! Just wondering though if there's any reason why it will enumerate the photos in the 'iphone sync' folder, but not the camera roll?

Lonely Moon said...

I think this is my problem but my ipod touch with 3.1 still can't be detected. I think this problem is mainly because I'd jailbreak it before but then broke it by upgrading to 3.1

Any advice? I'm using itunes 9 that freezes every time I do something.

leunas said...

Only one instance where after using sharepod, my iphone 2g library appeared empty. Problem did not resurface after resyncing with itunes first.

Great job with sharepod! Looking forward to the full release.

pixior said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pixior said...

Ipod Touch 32GB 3G 3.1
ITunes 9.01

With all the preview:
Error message :

The iPod database 'iTunesDB' could not be read. Please run iTunes with your iPod connected, then re-open SharePod.
(Error at 0x12C)

- Expected mhit section with length 258, but found length 156.

Logically also if I run iTunes with the iPod Touch connected, and then re-open SharePod.

Casper said...

Tried Preview 8 with Nano 5G, same error as reported earlier, so that is iTunes DB file is empty ...

Of course, iPod was initiallized with iTunes (

C _ T _ one

Héctor said...

I have no doubt you will delete this, but anyway. Thanks for ripping off WIP source code for the new hash from the libgpod developers. I hope you enjoy your time stealing both open source and reverse engineered iTunes code, and clumsily embedding it as an internal .exe.

It's okay, we've got a better way now. Enjoy your illegal version. Attention developers and users: don't buy from this guy, he's a thief and an asshole. New hash support coming to libgpod soon.

John said...

Re: Hector (or should it be "heckler"...

Yeah, because he charges so much for the program. And libgpod is "free" according to the legal page on their site. Whatever...

Héctor said...

The stolen source code was from a private, hash reverse engineering repository. It wasn't public, and very much a work in progress in the legality department (in other words, it contained large amounts of code and data that are derivative works of iTunes). The libgpod authors aren't stupid, which is why this was not to be released until completely clean of copyright issues. Sharepod's author apparently "obtained" it (he probably tricked someone into giving it to him) and decided to use it for his program. Nevermind that the code itself is GPL (this is what the COPYING file states - this isn't libgpod, it's by the libgpod authors, so libgpod's license doesn't apply), so Sharepod is violating the GPL by not including source code. Of course, this source code cannot be provided as it too is illegal in the state that Sharepod used it.

Bottom line: Sharepod has no right to distribute the hash72 stuff, and Jeff needs to get rid of it, period. It's a violation of Apple's copyright and of the GPL. Obviously the temptation to be one of the first to include compatibility with the new hash was too great and he decided to ignore all licensing issues and just hack it in. He might as well have included CoreFP.dll from Apple though, then at least he would have only violated one license, not two.

Jeff sells the "developer" license for $100 and the "source code" (who knows if that includes the hash72 stuff or not) for $300. That's selling other people's work as his own.

Joe said...

getting "iTunesDB file not found in /iTunes_Control/iTunes/iTunesCDB"

Russell said...

I can't find anywhere whether the playlist file SharePod_Itunes_Import.xml was removed from newer versions. I assume it was since it is not being created for me. However, it would be nice, for backup purposes, if this file were created. It would be really nice if you could export only the playlists. I would like a way to export all the files and playlists, wipe the iPod, add other files, then be able to come back and restore the files and playlists I previously backed up. Currently, it appears you need to dump everything into iTunes while backing up (or copying). I'd like to go right to the iPod or at least get it into iTunes at a later time.

Anonymous said...


iPod = iPod Touch 1st Gen, fw 2.2.1,jailbroken

issue = "Sharepod couldn't make sure your iPod is compatible" message on this build. Previous builds have functioned with this. Please help.

Сергей said...

Please add ability to add tag [Album year] (or just [Year]) to the folder name while importing music to PC from iPod/iPhone.

Jonathan said...

Hector says:
Jeff sells the "developer" license for $100 and the "source code" (who knows if that includes the hash72 stuff or not) for $300. That's selling other people's work as his own.

You're making some pretty strong accusations, and it doesn't help your case when you admit that 1) you don't know whether the source code contains hash72 stuff (which you claim, without proof, is stolen), then immediately follow it with 2) the positive assertion that he's selling other people's work as his own.

How can you claim the source code is being sold with other people's stuff, without even knowing that the stuff in question is in the source code?

Maybe you're right and maybe youre not. But you really should provide some evidence to back up what you're saying.

Héctor said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
chrisu said...

If its true what hector said, than iam gonna delete it.... Jeff, please give an EXPLANATION!

Pedro said...

Hi, I just used the SharePod 3.9.4 Preview 8 and I have new nano 5G (with camera), but I can`t running, because this error continues:

F:\ipod_control\iTunes\iTunesDB file is empty.
Please run iTunes with your iPod connected, then re-open SharePod.

My iTunes is and I am trying with itunes open and closed and I can`t.
My sharePod.log is
SharePodLib Version:
Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2
iPhone support enabled
Set PATH to C:\Users\P\AppData\Local\Temp\SharePodLib;C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\DLLShared\;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\10.0\DLLShared\;C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\
iPod found, profile: IPod
Using ExtendedSysInfoXml file
iPod FirewireId: 000A27001E698D4A
iPod Family: 16

Thanks !

Jeff said...


If you'd only emailed me first with your questions/accusations, we could have cleared all this up quickly and without anyone having to look silly.

1) Yes, the hash72 stuff does contain Apple code to do the encryption.

2) The developers who developed hash72 have full knowledge that I (and several other apps) are using it. I have been part of an email group working on this for the last 6 months.

3) I credit those developers in the About screen, in the readme.txt file, and on the website! ( I think what they've done is amazing and deserve the credit.

4) No, I do not distribute the code to hash72 to anyone.

Thanks for your concern, I hate to see people's hard work being taken advantage of too. But in this case you are just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the file, but when I try to open it, it says
iPod database not found in C:\ipod_control\iTunes\iTunesDB

My itouch is hooked up to the computer, and I ran itunes first like it says, but it still won't work. Any suggestions?

J.D. said...

Hi, I just downloaded SharePod for the first time and every time I try to open it I get this error message:
"The iPod database 'iTunesDB' could not be read. Please run iTunes with your iPod connected, then re-open SharePod.
(Error at 0x12C)
- Expected mhit section with length 258, but found length 244."

The main reason I downloaded Sharepod was because my old computer crashed and I lost all my music so I don't want iTunes to delete my music off of my iPod (5th generation video 60gb) when I hook up my iPod and download iTunes to my new computer... which means I can't follow the error instructions without risking losing all my music. Can you help? Thanks!

Ken2 said...

i have the same error messenger...

iPod database not found in C:\ipod_control\iTunes\iTunesDB

what can i do,thank for your help....

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andrew granada said...

I have a problem on my ipod classic and it says, ".. cant read ItuneDb .. " how am I going to solve this ?

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